At MLSI, we offer various type of support on a few platform that is customized to meet your needs. Please choose from the following options that best suits you at this moment...

You can connect directly with us via the chat-box on the bottom right. Fill in your name, email address and the questions, and you can instantly find us online.

No waiting, no slow response time. All you do is click and chat!

You can create a ticket to log in your query or issues.

You can start to track or extract your tickets that are logged in your company for your management to review. Create one now!

Do you need instant support?

Download the remote application and we can remote into your system anytime you require, and we can start troubleshooting and rectifying the cause immediately.

Monitoring tools that alert us when the services or internet is down and will help our response at the soonest possible. One of our value-adding services to our customers to ensure the uptime of their peripheral.