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    Not only ML Systems Integrator Pte Ltd is has a propositions for every industries, we are also known for.

    IT Consulting Singapore
    Years of Experience

    10 over years of experience in IT Services and Projects and still counting.

    IT Service Provider Singapore
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    With the experienced team, the quick resolutions are pretty definite.

    IT Service Management
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    Our office is in centralize area so as to ensure the fast turnaround for our clients.

    IT Outsourcing
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    The response are so fast which usually leave our clients amazed and happy.


    A quick FAQ about IT consulting and IT projects management you might have in mind and if not, hit us at the below button for any other enquiries you have!

    What are the commitments of the Maintenance Contract?

    We have various contracts that can streamline to your requirements from annual maintenance to blocked hourly maintenance to monthly maintenance or per system maintenance. Talk to us and we can consult you more on the type of IT project maintenance that suit you best!

    How long will the response time be if you are having an issue?

    This depends on the agreement we have with you on the contract in regards to the response time but in general, you will get your enquiry or issues/challenges answered within the day itself.

    Are there any maintenance contract plans catered for small offices?

    YES! We have plans catered to SME or a few persons office.  Such as remote support only with unlimited daily calls and support etc.  Just let us know your IT project requirements and we will fit right in!

    Can we have free IT consultations even though we are not a customer?

    We actually welcomed this as most of the time when the IT stuff is not being consulted or advise, it generally goes haywire and upon which more cost will incur in getting it fix or re-adjust/re-configure the entire infrastructure. And to note that the downtime will be much more severe.

    Are our data secure if we outsource our IT infrastructure to you?

    YES! We actually will work out with you and your designated lawyer on the confidentiality agreement and ensure you and us are protected from data breaches. We are also known for being overly careful of the data where we keep asking for acknowledgment and confirmation.

    What other value added services do you provide for maintenance clients?

    MANY!! We value add our clients in so many ways that you will be astonish to find out in the long run where we assist in saving costs for you, ensuring pricing competitiveness, willing to go for the extra mile just for you!

    One Stop IT Solution in Singapore

    Over the last 10 years we have provided high quality, reliable and cost effective IT solutions to a wide range of companies across the Singapore.

    IT Outsourcing
    IT consulting services, project support and project management

    IT Project
    System roll out, firewall implementation and other related IT solution

    cloud solution

    Cloud Services
    Amazon, Microsoft Azure, IBM,  Google Cloud and cloud support

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